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Walking canes have evolved immensely over time. Initially used to punish others, and in the form of bamboo, these canes have evolved into a form of personal aid and fashion. Walking aids were once used by rulers in many countries to assert their authority. Walking sticks, and staffs were often a common part of the culture. As time went on, canes replaced the gentlemen's sword, and became a part of everyday attire. Men often had hidden cavities inside their canes to hid alcohol inside.

At one point in time canes were a popular form of gift. Many presidents used them and were gifted them, including George Washington who was given a cane from Benjamin Franklin. As time moved on, travelers and shepherds adopted the use of canes. These canes provided protection from thieves and wild animals.In current society canes are most often used to those who have developed an injury or who are lacking mobility and stability. For this reason canes have evolved immensely to better suit the body. Many canes have arm support and grips for comfort which takes the pressure off of the body's sensitive wrist. Canes are still used as fashion today, although it is less common. Walking aids are becoming prominent amongst women as a fashion statement. Durable, beautiful canes are being produced to encourage people to use canes as fashion as well as a walking aid.

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Over time walking canes have evolved to a way to help people overcome walking disabilities.

Arm Walking Cane
An arm walking cane takes pressure off the wrists to provide comfortable walking.