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Sword Walking Canes @ IrishIf you are looking for a way to instantly boost your safety while out walking you can look into the latest models of sword canes. These incredibly handy items combine the functional quality of a walking cane with the instant safety added measure of a quality sword attachment. This item saw its birth in popularity all the way back in the 18th century. Before the rise in popularity of traditional walking canes, these sword models were usually owned by wealth dignitaries, but recent manufacturing efforts make these items readily available at much fairer prices.

These items are very easy to operate. Some models feature a button that is pushed to unsheathe the sword. Other models reveal the sword by removing the end of the cane. Whichever model you do choose you can be assured that they are equipped with several safety measures to prevent any accidents. There are several blade types and sizes that you can choose from.

Many people love these items because they can enjoy the comfort of added support that offsets certain physical limitations or ailments while enjoying the knowledge that they have the means to defend themselves if needed.

There are also a great deal of models that are intended for decorative use. Many people do not actually require walking assistance but instead love to have these fine items on display within their home. They feature amazingly detailed craftsmanship and vibrant colors. You can also look for display shelving or cabinets to help you with this.

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