Self Defense Walking Cane

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Self Defense Walking CaneThere are dozens of different ways that you can defend yourself while out on the street, but one of the most common problems experienced with the use of these items is poor accessibility. Even if you have a can of mace that you would like to use against an attacker, you won’t always have the time to retrieve it out of your bag in time. That’s one of the reasons why self defense walking canes have become so popular. You don’t have to worry about having enough time to use these items since they are already out. You can easily swing the stick up into either an attacking or defending position within just a split second. These canes are usually made from either hardened wood that has gone through several processes to ensure optimum strength or a reinforced metal mold that can withstand heavy blows. Either material you choose will also provide more than enough support to help hold your weight steady. They provide great support for walking as well.

These walking and self defense aids are ideal for their use as a striking weapon used in a similar fashion to a bo staff. Of course, there are also the many different versions of these walking staffs that incorporate a knife or sword blade within the design. This addition adds a vital amount of protection. However, it should be noted that with this increase in defensive power also comes a greater responsibility for the owner of one of these canes.

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