Self Defense Cane

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Self Defense CaneEveryone wants to be able to get out into the fresh air but sometimes it’s hard to enjoy ourselves if we simply don’t feel safe out on the streets. A simple item that has helped many people overcome this obstacle is a self defense cane. These items are specially designed to help people protect themselves in the case of a surprise attack. Not only that, but these canes are also designed to provide more than adequate support for everyday walking. They can handle up to a couple hundred pounds (heavier weight capacity models available) and help people remain stabile and maintain proper footing.

You can find several models of self defense items that are specially manufactured to help you stay safe in a number of different situations. Some of the walking stick models are made from extra hard and durable wood that makes them a viable option for swinging and hitting any potential attackers. You should look for models that feature a handle that promotes an extra good grip in case you need to swing your stick or cane.

Another self defense walking aid that has experienced a resurgence in popularity is the sword cane or sword walking stick. These convenient self defense items feature varying types of blades and sword tips that are extractable or feature a cap for easy removal. Countless users have felt much more comfortable and secure with the added advantage of the length of the cane coming into play. Being able to keep attackers at a distance is a great advantage.

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