Rattan Canes

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Rattan CanesRattan canes are derived from any one of a number of species of palms. They provide a spectacular sight as they can sometimes grow up to several hundred feet tall. Aside from this spectacle, one of the reasons these types of waling aids are so popular is because they offer fantastic durability. This durability makes these items one of the absolute best values on the market. As part of this durability, they also offer a fantastic resistance to splintering. Sections of rattan are separated from the main plant along a smooth plane which provides a structurally sound cut. This means you get to enjoy immense structural integrity from them. You can take on some challenging daily walks or longer treks and truly enjoy a boost in confidence knowing that your weight is well supported.

In addition, there has been a rise in the use of common everyday materials and tools as a means to defend oneself. Since these rattan items feature such great strength, they are actually manufactured as a striking weapon in certain societies. People looking for simple self defense methods that they can use anywhere they go can look to these items as a highly effective and simple solution. In fact, certain self defense and martial arts classes have actually taken to incorporating the use of these items in their training sessions so that people can learn the maneuvers necessary to stay safe.

And even though these items offer such great strength, you can still look for fashionable choices that will actually add a unique addition to your wardrobe.

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