Quad Canes

Strong and Sturdy Support: Quad Canes from Irish Walking Sticks

Providing the maximum in stability and ambulatory assistance, Irish Walking Sticks brings you our line of offset small and large base quad canes. An injury or balance issues as we age can make mobility difficult. Our canes are built from sturdy but very lightweight aluminum shafts and comfortable nylon grips to make for a trustworthy and dependable support tool. Small base quad canes feature a 5” x 8” base size with the large base provides a 7” x 13” base coverage.

Quad canes are practical on many surfaces where a traditional cane may fail you. With its four foot design they provide a sturdier grip on most surfaces to prevent slipping. These can be useful to use as a standing or sitting aid as the larger base allows for support even at an angle.

We have a wide range of styles to meet your personal taste. Each of our large and small base canes has numerous colors and designs along their length to match your individual character. Get back on your feet and let our quad canes provide the stability you need to get moving.

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Offset Handle Quad Base Cane | Starting at $38.99
Offset Handle Quad Base Cane
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Offset Handle Quad Base Cane