Genuine Traditional Irish Blackthorn Wood Walking Cane

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Traditional Irish Blackthorn Walking Cane
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Hand crafted from the Blackthorn bushes in counties Cork and Kerry.
They have been made using the traditional method that has been passed down through the generations.

Available in standard thickness (base diameter approximately 0.75" and measures 3" around at the middle of the shaft) or extra thick (base diameter of 1" - 1.5" and measures 4" around at the middle of the shaft).

Each Blackthorn is very sturdy but light-weight and has been seasoned and treated to insure a quality finish.
Perfect for health and leisure walking, collecting, or as a decorative piece.
No two are alike, each interesting and unique, designed by nature herself.

Blackthorn walking sticks are among the most sought after of all traditional walking sticks, both for their appearance and for their heritage. The blackthorn, or Prunus spinosa, is a shrubby bush with vicious thorns and a suckering habit, so that it forms dense hedges through which livestock cannot escape.
Indeed, the impenetrable forest in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty is said to have been a blackthorn thicket. It grows particularly well in Ireland and England, where blackthorn sticks cut from hedges have been popular for many centuries.
A close relative of the blackthorn stick is the blackthorn shillelagh, which is about 20" long and generally has a larger, heavier head than a walking stick. By popular tradition, Irish giants carry shillelaghs.
Every Irish pub is said to have one of these behind the bar, to help keep order if required.
On the bark of the blackthorn walking stick, the spines are cut back and sanded to produce a distinctive stick.
A particular characteristic of blackthorn is that the arrangement of the thorns forms a spiral shape around the shaft of the stick, it is possible to see that the thorns are arranged in little groups of three.

Blackthorn Knobstick--- The stick has been grown upside down, usually in a hedgerow or on a coppiced blackthorn shrub, so that the handle is formed from part of the original shrub. There is a great art in shaping the handle so that it is comfortable to the hand.
The handle and shaft are varnished and a copper ring fitted to the bottom.

Choose your Thickness, then choose a length, and we'll pick out your special Walking Stick. Remember, each Irish Blackthorn is one-of-a-kind, and there will be variances from Cane to Cane.

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