Irish Walking Stick

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Irish Walking StickIrish walking sticks are distinctive and are very different from traditional walking aids. They are great for personal use as well as for gifts for family members or names. They are an ancient walking aid that continues to be popular. They are some of the most distinctive walking sticks in the world. They are made from the black thorn tree. Blackthorn trees and bushes grow very slower, which makes their wood be much harder than other common woods. It is a very distinctive wood, and lasts for a very long time. It is hard to work with and sculpt and even harder to find. Because of these things, Irish walking aids are often coveted and very rare.

These walking sticks are often ornately designed and you cannot find them at a typical drug store or mall store. They are hand carved and the wood is so strong it won't break under your weight. Walking sticks are much larger than canes and are often used by hikers and backpackers. These walking sticks provide traction, and help to clear debris from the trail. They often help to maintain gravity. They are not just wood. But if you already have a walking stick you can find accessories to go along with it to help to improve it. Wrist straps are available so that it is not easily lost. Grips are also supplied to help with traction, and for people in cold climates metallic cleats are available.

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