How to Make a Wooden Walking Stick

Finding the perfect walking stick can be a difficult challenge, especially when high quality walking sticks can get so pricey (prices can range up into the hundreds), so people seek out other options when it comes to finding the right stick for them. If you are feeling extra-ambitious, making your own walking or hiking stick is a cheap, not to mention fun, alternative to ordering one online or purchasing one at the store. This project shouldn’t take more than several hours and you will have a unique product when it is complete.

The fundamentals of making a wooden walking stick are fairly basic and you can find most of the materials at a decent price. Firstly, you will need a sturdy and durable stick. You can find this in your backyard or at a local hardware store or park. Before you start the stick making process make sure the stick is proportionate to your height (walking sticks tend to come up to one’s hipbone or where your wrist dangles comfortably). Once you have found the right sized stick you can begin the carving process.

Using a box cutter or sharp knife chip off all the excess bark on the stick until it is completely smooth. Try not to dig too deep into the base of the stick; this can leave it bumpy and uneven. If you start seeing the red base of the wood then stop; you don’t want to widdle away too much of your stick! Also, remove any branches or leaves that might be sticking out of the shaft.

After you have removed all the excess bark you can begin sanding the stick down. This will give the stick its smooth appearance and help you prevent getting splitters on your hands. Gently sand the entire stick until it is completely smooth. It is better to sand your stick by hand than to use a sander which might have too much force for the stick.

Lastly, apply a wood finish to your stick to protect it from the elements and give it its shiny appearance. Let the finish dry completely before applying another coat or testing the stick. Once the finish is dry you can now try out your stick for size and comfort. Once you have finished, your walks will be extra enjoyable when you recognize the fact that you made your own stick completely from scratch. Good luck!

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