Fun Canes

Imaginative and Fun Canes from Irish Walking Sticks

More than just a regular cane, our signature branded, creative and fun canes make mobility easier and eye catching. Our featured designs of the Fightin’ Irish and the White Shamrock come in both folding and offset style walking canes with comfort grip gel handles and easily adjustable heights to match your specific requirements.

Show Your Support: Military Folding Canes and Offset Canes

Featuring bold designs in support of each of our military branches, our line of military canes come with a handy storage or carrying case emblazoned with matching artwork. The compact folding military cane handily contracts in 4 parts. With its unique design, these easy-to-use fun canes fit perfectly into a purse, backpack, travel bag or their own matching storage case.

Irish Walking Sticks are among the most durable, affordable and functional walking aids.

The Military Folding Cane features:

• Light-weight anodized aluminum shaft with powdercoat makes it tough enough to withstand consistent use for years
• Comfortable ergonomic wood hardwood handles
• Safety non-skid ¾” rubber tip to prevent slipping
• Height easily adjust in 1” increments, from 33” to 39” (84-99 cm.) with detent buttons to safely lock at desired height
• Supports up to 250 pounds
• Comes with a free vinyl carrying case for simple storage
These creative canes make necessary mobility support into a fashionable accessory.