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Flask Walking CanesFor those times that you are extra thirsty but don’t necessarily want to spend the money on getting yourself a top shelf drink you can simply take a sip from one of the latest flask walking canes. For those of you who fancy a drink while at sporting events or while out conversing friends you are sure to love these fun types of walking canes. They allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage no matter where you are. There are several designs to choose from that allow you to pick something that more closely mirrors traditional cane designs or opt for one of the more recent innovations in design. These more recent innovations offer up some of the most flashy and creative stylings that are sure to make your friends green with envy—and keep you well refreshed, too.

There are some variations among the construction of these canes that provide some flexible options to choose from. Some of these canes offer a simple twist cap at the top which gives way to a burrowed reservoir within. The size of the reservoir tends to vary, but you can usually find one that features the standard size of at least a few ounces—certainly enough to warm the soul for at least a few minutes.

You can also find models of walking aids that feature a recessed area where a separate container is held. This allows you to easily remove the flask for a quick drink regardless of where you are.

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Brandy Flask Crook Handle Cane
Brandy Flask Crook Handle Cane
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Brandy Flask Crook Handle Cane