Take to the Woods with Hiking Staffs Made by Irish Walking Sticks

One of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences is hiking in the woods, especially during the change of seasons. It gives you a chance to relax, breath in fresh air and see nature up close. Read More..

Adjustable Walking Canes Assist People Walk Comfortably

If you have undergone surgery, have a disability, or a painful leg, you need the assistance of a cane to help you maintain your mobility. A cane will help you maintain your balance by keeping you on your feet, and not on the floor. Read More..

Fashionable Canes From The Past

The word “cane” is usually applied to any slender walking stick, as opposed to some of the burlier Irish walking sticks of the period. Originally, however, the term referred to those that were made from the hollow stems of various grasses or reeds such as bamboo. Read More..

A Brief Look At Walking Canes

Walking canes are not a new invention. They are a close relative to walking sticks which have been around for centuries in various forms. Shepherd carried crooks and travelers wielded sticks to make themselves safe. Read More..

The Lore Of The Blackthorn Walking Stick

If you are fond of Irish lore, you know how important the trees are. They play a role in Celtic history and culture. If you want a walking stick, you consider the type of wood, or rather the tree from which it is made. This is true with a variety of canes, including the Blackthorn Walking Stick. Read More..

Decorative Walking Canes Make a Great Gift

There are a great number of options when it comes to decorative walking canes and having a collection can be a great conversation piece for someone interested in collecting canes or walking sticks. For someone who needs to use one, having an interesting-looking one can make for an interesting conversation piece. Read More..

Tips for Buying Canes Online

Canes might be a necessity for you or you might want a new cane for your collection of cool canes. Whether you want a cane to help you with walking, helping with hiking, or simply like having them on display in your home, there are some great options out there. Read More..