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Blackthorn Shillelagh Irish Walking Stick

Blackthorn Shillelagh Irish Walking StickBlackthorn Shillelagh Irish walking sticks are quintessential walking stick for any person seeking to have an authentic model of cane from Ireland. The common round shillelagh shape is emblematic of Irish culture that was once used as a weapon, but is now resigned to helping people walk more comfortably. It does so to great effect for hikers and casual strollers alike with a classic look and feel, which will encourage any owner of these fine products to get outside and use them as often as possible.

Ireland is well known for its large hills and wide fields that have made it a destination for walkers the world over. It almost goes without saying that this pedigree has made the Irish know what it takes to make a good walking stick that is comfortable and can last decades of repeated use. Purchasing a truly Irish stick will ensure that you get the same great benefits wherever you take your stick as you travel.

The blackthorn wood is a dark wood that is covered by a black bark, which looks wonderful when contrasted together. These products usually come almost entirely black from the bark, which has been polished for a smooth feel and nice look. A rich golden brown wood underneath is smoothly sanded and exposed on the handle of the stick. The shapes vary in style, but, as mentioned above, the sticks are usually made in the shillelagh shape, which is a wide rounded handle that is easy to grip with the palm. Additionally other varieties have more subtle forms for easier grip. The sticks also often feature a convenient black leather straps that matches well with the color of the wood and aides walking as well.

These walking sticks are often made from natural wood so the individual look and size can vary from stick to stick. Many owners greatly appreciate this variety, which makes them fun collector’s items as well as an exciting topic to share with other owners. Despite the variety, each stick is still firm and a capable walking stick to use whenever needed.

These products make great gifts for the avid walker, an appreciator of fine crafts, or a lover of all things Irish. Hiking staffs are also available that use this same wood with a similar look in color and feel as well. Regardless of the exact form, you’ll be glad you made the choice to purchase these excellent products.


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