Authentic Irish Walking Sticks - Hazel 02

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Authentic Irish Walking Stick - Hazel
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A truly unique walking stick, hand-made in Ireland exclusively for

The one-of-a-kind treasure pictured here is the exact walking stick that you will receive.

See the bottom of this description for the actual length of the stick. If desired, you may request it to be custom trimmed to a shorter length.

Apart from ash, hazel is one of the most widely used woods by stickmakers – most frequently as shanks for sticks with an added handle. Here in Ireland it grows in hedgerows, woods and forests, parks, waste ground, railway embankments, beside canals and rivers, and just about anywhere else you can think of. It will grow in almost any sort of soil – alkaline, moderately acid, dry, damp, wet, chalky, loamy, sandy, stony or humus.

Hazel was a traditional building material, used in the construction of wattle walls, hurdles, fencing and thatching. It was also used to make bobbins for the textile industry. Of course hazel also produces delicious and wholesome nuts. It sends up many shoots from the base, growing into multiple stems which compete with each other and neighbouring trees to reach the light. This produces long, straight stems, often with very few side branches. The resulting clump of stems is known as a ‘stool’. Often a thick branch gets laid flat by accident or design and sends up a good number of straight vertical stems. Such stems are very suitable for making one-piece sticks because they cannot be beaten for strength and balance.

The shank of a hazel stick combines strength with light weight. The bark can be very variable in colour, ranging from dark reddish brown to light grey. The outermost layer of bark is sometimes a thin film of silver or gold with a metallic sheen to it. Mottled forms, combining a range of different colours, can look particularly attractive. If the bark is stripped a hazel shank is a uniform pale colour but an interesting effect can be obtained by sanding the shank down to reveal patches of pale wood contrasting with the richer colours of the remaining bark.

Hazel was an important tree in Irish mythology. It represented the letter ‘Coll’, which was the ninth letter of the Irish Bardic Ogham alphabet. It gave its name to a God named MacColl (son of Hazel), who according to Keating’s history of Ireland was one of the earliest rulers Ireland, his brothers being MacCeacht (son of the plough) and MacGreine (son of the Sun). They celebrated a triple marriage with the Triple Goddess of Ireland – Eire, Fodhla and Banbha.

Please allow approximately 10-14 business days for delivery.
Weight: 16oz. Length: 37"

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