Ash Wood Walking Sticks

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Many people walking with a stick, for support or simply because they enjoy it. Certain types of wood are better for making walking sticks because of their properties. Ash wood walking sticks are popular because of their durability, strength, and flexibility. Ash is a hardwood that is used for making many types of recreational items, from baseball bats and hurling sticks to bowls to guitars. Hardwoods are favored for making anything that should last; the structure of the wood makes it durable and strong, so the product will last for years. Furniture is usually made of some kind of hardwood, as were many parts of wooden sailing ships.

Ash is also more elastic than other woods, making it ideal for walking sticks. If a stick is made of wood that is too brittle, it may break under the strain of a person leaning on it too hard, if it is accidentally struck on a hard, unyielding surface, or from striking the ground. For example, if a person slipped on a wooded slope and tried to use her stick to stop herself from sliding down it, a rigid stick might break when wedged between two trees. Flexible ash walking sticks, on the other hand, wood both hold her weight and bend enough not to damage the stick.

Besides being practical, this wood also has unique aesthetic qualities. It is called 'ash' because of the color of the tree bark, which is a light gray color. Items made from it therefore have a unique appearance, making them visually appealing as well as durable.

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