Walking Sticks and Canes
Walking Sticks and Canes

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are the perfect accessory to your daily walks out on the trails or just getting around town. These products are wonderful to look at in their own right and also look great to add a little bit of extra style and class to a person’s look. Walking staffs with natural woods, carved handles, and gorgeous inlays are sure to give any person walking with them something to show off and be proud of. Their subtle style has been appreciated by walkers the world over for centuries and these decorative walking canes will not only give you a great look, but making walking your favorite trails or just down the street far more enjoyable than ever before.

Ireland has long been a place of wonder for many people for its expansive hills and open green pastures that its people have regularly strolled and hiked through. These landscapes are the inspiration for classic products like the Blackthorn Shillelagh Irish walking stick that are made for the sensibilities of the Old World as well as the demands of avid walkers.

Hand carved walking sticks come in a great variety of sizes and styles so that any person will find a style and shape that meets their particular needs as a walker. Whether you plan on using your product to walk through luscious green fields or just to simply stroll down the street, you’ll be able to choose from a huge selection of products and walking stick supplies, which have both modern and old fashioned appearances to get the item that will work best for your look and needs for a walking aid.

Most people find these items are best used for walking aids to help give them support as they walk, or by utilizing a foldable cane seat to actually rest on. For many this is out of necessity and for others it’s for a small bit of relief while walking. Others use them for protective purposes while exploring the outdoors. Self defense walking canes such as sword canes and rattan canes are great for deterring would be attackers. This style of product is available for all of these needs as well as just for look. For every need, you’ll find wooden canes made of hand carved wood, intricately detailed, or others with excitingly vibrant colors with modern materials giving them a cool hip look. Not only is the stick itself important and stylized, but you can also find many different models of handle grips. These can be old-fashioned curves, cast metal grips, or more complex wood designs. Many of these two components can be mixed and matched to find that look that best for you.

Regardless of your style, once you find the look that’s right, you can step outdoors and enjoy the feeling of the air on your face and the ground beneath your feet, with a firm grip on your customized walking aid.


Blackthorn Walking Canes From Ireland

Witness the Charm and Beauty coupled in these Blackthorn Walking Canes produced in Ireland.

IrishWalkingSticks.com wants to invite everyone to enjoy the artistry of Russian-bourne, now Irish artisan Paul Nabadula. Mr. Nabadula has taken the indigenous Irish Wood of Blackthorn and created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Walking Cane that combines Comfort, Style, and Stability with a high standard of Decorative and Aesthetic Value.

Mr. Nabadula employs his own Shaping by Tension Technology in these Canes, using various parts of the Blackthorn Plant, and Staining or Smoking Handles or Shanks for lighter or darker hues. Some Canes are strengthened with Steel Rods from Shank to Handle, and are one or two solid pieces of wood. Others are Two Piece Canes that he has allowed Nature to dictate where the best Patterns of Grains be cut from one Solid Block of Blackthorn.

All are then finished and cured for one year for the Strongest, most Functional, most Durable, and yet most Artful Pieces of Wood sculptor one can produce.

All are shipped directly to you from Ireland, and take approx. 3 weeks from his Studio to your door.

We here at IrishWalkingSticks.com are pleased to be able to offer Mr. Nadabula's truly beautiful designs at a very accommodating price.

Go Raibh Maith Agat Aris!

Irish Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories

In addition to Irish Walking Sticks we carry a wide selection of official Irish merchandise. These items are exported directly from Ireland. Guinness is the most popular Irish beer in the world. Croker GAA sports gear is the official clothing of the Irish sports teams. For the ladies we have exclusively designed Irish jewelry. All of these items make great gifts for any occasion.

Irish GiftsIrish Gifts

Irish gifts have always made their mark as the best gifts. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, Irish gifts have options ready for almost every occasion under the sun. the Irish take great pride in their traditions and ancient mythology which has given them what they have today. Irish history talks about the symbols that were a part of it and now have been incorporated in to souvenirs and gifts you can share with your loved ones.

A few of the many options that you can gift are described below to give you an idea about Irish gifts:

  1. Claddagh: The Claddagh is a heart being held by a pair of hands with a crown above. A symbol of love and friendship. The hands are friendship, the crown is loyalty, the heart is love. The Claddagh ring and jewelry are popular Irish gifts for ladies.

  2. Shamrocks: The Shamrock Clover is said to be a carrier of good luck and whoever uses it embraces harmony into lives. Pendants, mugs, and keepsakes with shamrocks embossed on them make lovely souvenirs to be held on to.

  3. Celtic Art: Celtic art and symbolism is known world wide but most of it is associated with Ireland. The Celtic cross and Celtic knot are found on jewelry, art, tapestry, apparel and more.

Jen Delyth Celtic Art and Irish GiftsWe have a new line of Irish Gifts in the form of Celtic Art by Jen Delyth. Her art focuses on the Celtic symbolism, mythology, and tradition. Jen's original Celtic Artwork appeals to those who seek meaningful, profound images that express deep and essential aspects of the Celtic tradition.

Her artwork comes in the form of tapestry, jewelry, t-shirts, calendars and cotton throws. These Celtic Art pieces are unique and make excellent gifts for every occasion.

Most products are Made in USA, by Keltic Designs Inc, and Amber Lotus Publishing, and we collaborate with small print shops & craftspeople, focusing on ecologically sound, natural materials whenever possible. Each of her original designs is accompanied by an explanation of the symbolism.

Jen is a founding member of Celtic Art Group Contemporary American Celtic, which has been exhibiting across the States in 2000 - 2012.

The Celtic Tree of Life is one of her most popular pieces. We have it in a Calendar, t-shirt, jewelry and tapestry,.



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